Our experts are committed to providing Clients with easy to understand analysis of information that is trapped in social media applications, to provide insight into hard to understand problems; brand and product satisfaction; and the security of their operations.  We bring the experience, knowledge and expertise of over 50 years of delivering results in the intelligence, law enforcement and private industry.  Our partnership with United VETS STEM-SMART allows us to reach Veterans and to ensure they get any additional training and education they need to be successful.



American Flag Simmetry
  • Technologies that are discrete and aesthetically designed.
  • Open Source Information Analysts who are experts at immediately responding to selected indications, warnings, and tip-offs.          
  • Additional layers of additional layers of security, through a 24-7 computer-based information system.
  • Monitoring and surveillance services designed to protect and detect any activity to our Clients’ sites.
  • Data maintenance to identify spot trends, patterns and change analysis over time.
  • Measure it and how to read its signals in the aggregate to help with forethought and predictive analysis.
  • Automatic collection of new information from key websites of interest.   
  • Analytic data, statistics, and summary information presented in an email and/or a personal web page, when you want it.
  • We provide the right people and the right tools to ensure our Clients get the attention they need and deserve to secure their operations, protect their brands and monitor product satisfaction
  • We enhance our Client’s internal capabilities to distribute intelligence in a secure collaborative environment to key leaders to aid in their decisionmaking process
  • We use the best voice, video, and data overlay technology to instantly connect people, Geospatial Applications, and our experts’ knowledge of your organization and operational processes
  • We provide around the clock monitoring and analysis through our 24 hour Watch Center for our Clients’ access to critical intelligence whenever and wherever they need it
  • We develop thoroughly researched and analyzed products that specifically address the information requirements and intelligence needs of our Clients
Eagle Replacement
  • Trained and Ready Analysts Assigned to Directly Support Your Mission
  • Monitoring from Multiple Remote Locations
  • Customized Alerts
  • Real Time Watch & Alert Logs
  • Viewable and Downloadable Logs from our Website
  • Quarterly Reports and Outlooks
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